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Hello everyone! My name is Clara and I am located in Toronto, Canada. In my blog, I will share recipes and products with those who want to stay beautiful and healthy. I wish you all to stay confident and feel awesome every day! I try to post Monday and Friday every week at 8-9 pm EST.

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Vitamin C Smoothies

Vitamin C plays a vital role in the immune system and helps immune cells identify and kill viruses and bacteria. Flu season is around the corner and taking a flu shot is definitely be your first line of defense. In addition, I look for ways to increase our family daily intake of any veg or […]

Amazing Mango Smoothies

Mango is low in calories but full of nutrients. I am a mango lover because of the sweet taste and bright yellow color. Mango contains high levels of vitamin C, fibers and pectin making it a perfect fruit that helps in controlling high cholesterol level. Another benefit of eating mangoes is that it cleanses your […]

DIY Super Green Spinach Smoothies

Spinach is low in calories and is an excellent source of vitamin K, A and folate. One cup of Spanish has only 130 calories. Spanish is more nutritious when it is eaten raw. Spinach is a powerhouse to detox and improve skin and hairs that clean you from inside out. If you are a fan […]

Moroccan Oil That Does Wonders For Your Hair

Is Hair Oil necessary? The answer is “yes” but it depends on what kind of oils.  As per scientific research, oils play a vital role in protecting hair from damage. Applying oil on a regular basis can improve the hair condition and make hair smooth and soft.  Hair oils help prevent hair breakage and avoid […]

21 Day Cleanse Program Detox

Just like a computer, sometimes our human body need to give ourselves a reboot to get back to optimum productivity.  If you are a tea-lover, you must try this “21 Day Cleanse Program Detox” pack from DavidsTea. In this post, I will share with you this tea pack I bought during recent road trip. For the first time since […]

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