Great Cream for Sensitive and Dry Skin!

If you feel that your face is always dry or red, you may have dehydrated skin. I have had this similar problem after my twentieth birthday. The situation often worsened on certain days of the month or when I was under extreme stress. I would feel tightness and pink dots would form on my face.  

I started paying attention to the ingredients used in facial products that I have applied over the past few years. I noticed that most products have strong incense and alcohol ingredients may be the blame.

After realized that some ingredients cause more damage to my skin, I dug around and discovered the Estée Lauren super pomegranate radiant energy cream. I highly recommend this cream, as it has an antioxidant powder and is very hydrated. After applying a cleaning and toner, I gently detoxify my face and allow the cream to infuse with moisture for super-hydrated, plumped, glowing skin. After a month of use, you will feel pumped and refreshed. 

Link: Shoppers Drug Mart

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