Magic Water Spray for Your Skin?

I read the Ella magazine online last year and came across this article about this famous facial spray Avène thermal spring water spray that heals everything from acne to eczema. This is one of the top celebrity picks, with 7,000 views, and most of them are 4-5 stars. My twin sister also tried and recommended it to me with glowing reviews. 

I was skeptical about this initially and wondered what a magical bottle of mineral water could possibly do to your face. 

Out of curiosity, I bought a bottle for $20 at a nearby Shoppers Drug Mart. I sprayed the mineral water on clean face multiple times, gently padded the excess drops and let my skin absorb the spray before applying moisturizer and serums. 

To my surprise, the mineral water exceeded my expectations. After a month of daily use, I noticed that it had greatly lessened the redness and pink dots on my skin. I have continued using the spray for 9 months now, and the results are amazing. A new bottle of 300mL will last around 4-6 months and is definitely an excellent buy compared to many other pricey dermatology products. 

Link to Spray: Magical Water Spray!

Bonus Tip: If you spray the water on a tissue, it will act like a mask and help heal sunburns and reduce redness.

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