Facial Scrub that Smooths Your Skin!

As I have aged, I am increasingly hesitant to use facial scrubs, the product I use and the way I exfoliate my face. Using too strong of a hash scrub will result in unwanted dryness, sensitive skin or wrinkles. However, we know that exfoliating your face is an important step in skincare routine. Dermatologists have told us that face scrubbing helps remove dead cells, increase cell turnovers, helps with increasing vitamin CC, and acts as a moisturizer.

Recently, I discovered this hidden gem, the Granular Exfoliating scrub from Laline. The product is made in Israel and contains variety of natural oils. These oils help restore hydration to dry skin, boost immunity, and delay the onset of wrinkles. 

I decided to use it while showering twice a week. After use, I noticed an instant luminous glow. I immediately applied the Melano CC cream (Click Here!) and other serums to gain the benefits of better penetration. This relatively unknown product is one of the best that I have ever seen and is definitely an excellent buy.

Link Here: https://www.laline.ca/granular-exfoliating-scrub-100-gr-laline-face?gclid=Cj0KCQjwjer4BRCZARIsABK4QeXFcnwy3f0mk1Wz5dPkVgYK9Vc-WRY_-abpQ5mc5RQBaXNlzTw2wUQaAiE9EALw_wcB

Tips:  wet the skin and gently scrub dark spots to remove dead skin and apply anti-dark spot products to encourage penetration. Avoid over-exfoliation by limiting use to a maximum of 3 times a week. 

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