Artificial Intelligence Lets You Try On Makeup From Home!

COVID-19 has significantly impacted all of us. Since the first coronavirus case was discovered in Canada on March 5, 2020, followed by a stay-home order on March 17, I have been pretty much working at home. I feel blessed every day – keeping well and healthy. Most Torontonians that I know of have been doing their part to keep our community and our frontline health care professionals protected and safe – a city that I am proud of. I have also watched every single video on Youtube (Here’s the link for a great Artificial Intelligence show), every show on Netflix, and read every book in my house twice.

Since March, like many of you, I have also started purchasing most of the grocery, household items and skincare online. This is the biggest change in my daily routine. Before the lock-down, I liked to visit the local pharmacy and department stores to try new skin or make-up products. Since March, for safety concerns, there are very few products on the shelf, let alone a try-on or testing of skincare products (Click here for product reviews) in-store. Going virtual is no longer optional, it is mandatory.

Recently, when I was browsing the skincare products online, I discovered some companies offering customers virtual try-on experiences. As a GenX, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is very foreign to me but 2020 is nothing but unusual, I decided to give it a try and visited three websites that are super easy to use and super fun.

3 Artificial Intelligence Makeup Try-On Websites

1. Sephora Virtual Artist

The Sephora Virtual Artist lets you try on makeup from your home and experience the future of artificial intelligence without doing anything at all.

This is an app that lets you digitally try on makeup products. You can download it on the Apple Store or get it on Google Play. Once you download on your iphone, you can take a photo using your camera or upload your existing photo. Once the image appears, you can try different products safely using artificial intelligence. You can go for a wild look or more conservative choices. This really helps me to try products in a safe and private way that I would not usually do in store.

2. L’oreal Paris

The L'oreal Paris artificial intelligence virtual try on focuses on hair colour, which lets you go wild with your imagination.

This is an app that lets you virtually try on different hair colours. You can simply go on the website, click the virtual try-on button. You can then select the hair colour you want to try on, and upload the photo or take a photo using your phone. Instantly, you will see your hair colour changed. Adventure time – let’s try pink or purple hair and go a bit wild and have fun!

3. Nyxcosmetics

The Artificial Intelligence of Nyxcosmetics is a user friendly interface with a variety of choices including lipstick, eye shadow, and more.

This is an app that lets you virtually try on your favourite looks and products. Simply click on get started. You will either upload or take a live photo. Once the photo appears, you can try new lip colour, eyes and face products to create new looks.

These experiences definitely enhance the online shopping experience and improve my confidence in products with virtual try-on.

If you have not tried these virtual experiences before, it is so worth to give it a try. 

Happy and safe try-on at home! Have fun and please drop down comments after your trial. I like to hear how you feel about virtual tryouts.

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