Butterfly Pea Flower Tea That Heals Your Skin!

 Butterfly Pea Flower Tea from DavidsTea is amazing. I fell in love with the magical colour changing effect and there are many health benefits,

If you are a tea lover, you must try the Magic Potion Butterfly Pea Flower Tea from the DavidsTea. I went to Portland a couple of years ago and came across the butterfly pea flowers at the farmer market. The flowers were so eye-catching and beautiful. After came back to Toronto, I discovered this tea from DavidsTea. After I tried the magic potion butterfly pea flower tea, I am so obsessed with the magical colour-changing effect. 

Magic Potion Butterfly Pea Flower Tea’s main ingredients are Currants, Apples, Rosehips, Butterfly pea flowers, Raspberries and other Natural flavouring and blackberries. Butterfly pea flower is a unique plant from Southeast Asia with naturally bright azure petals. 

There are so many health benefits of butterfly pea flowers, according to the articles from the US National Library of Medicine. It helps reduce anxiety and stress, acts as an antiseptic, promotes anti-inflammatory and contains wound healing properties.

The taste is so refreshing. If you like lemon and rose smell, you will like this drink. It is so delicious with a few drops of lemon juice and warm water and seeing the colour change from indigo to violet. 

I am so obsessed with this tea, and I drink it every once in a while to help reduce stress and improve sleep. If you want to experience this beautiful tea, please follow the steps below.

To make this amazing butterfly pea flower tea (Hot or Cold):

  • 1-2 Perfect Spoonfuls of tea
  • 475 ml (16 oz) of 95℃/200℉ water for hot tea or 295 ml (10 oz) for iced
  • Steep for 5 -10 minutes; or
  • Sip hot or top with ice for iced tea

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