3 DIY At Home Hair Dyes; Say Goodbye to Grey Hairs

By revisualized.ca

Coloring hair at home is not only cost effective, it is fun and convenient for those who like to change up color frequently or just make a subtle color change. Also, DIY at home hair dyes has become essential during the city lock down this year.

Thanks for the latest innovations in the at-home hair dye products. They made DIY at home hair dyes so easy and mess-free. There are unlimited choices and brands of hair dye products available in the market. Also, it is so fun to shop for different colors and try them  on virtually and safely at home (see my previous blog). 

Below are 3 easy steps you must try to find a right hair color:

1. How long do you want the hair color to last?

It depends on how long you want the hair color to stay, you can chose either permanent, demi-permanent or semi-permanent hair colour products. As their name sounds, permanent dye lasts for a few months, demi lasts 24 to 28 shampoos, and semi lasts 3 to 6.

For gray hairs, a permanent hair dye product provides better coverage. For those who look for frequent color change, demi-permanent and semi-permanent are your best bet. The demi-permanent or semi-permanent hair dye product is usually free of peroxide and ammonia, which is more healthy to the hairs.

2. What color matches your face tone?

First, you need to know your skin tone. If your face skin tone is pink and light color, you may want to choose light ash blonde to medium ash brown hair color. If your face skin tone is peachy or yellow, dark brown and black works best and looks flattering. 

A right hair color is so vital and makes one look authentic and brings out the better version of you. 

3. What is in the hair dyes?

Now that you decide on how long the color stays and what color you love to try, the last step is to look for high quality products that have healthy ingredients. Ideally, the hair dye product is free of chemical and ammonia, although most permanent hair dyes contains small amount of ammonia. I would look for a product that leave the hair shine and moisture after dye. Also, the application of the hair color should be easy and mess-free.

3 DIY At Home Hair Dyes You Must Try

As a real tester, I will share below my top 3 picks based on the above assessment:

1. CLAIROL nice n easy (permanent dye)

My twin sister highly recommended this to me after she tried this product. She claimed that the product leaves her hair so soft and beautiful. Based on her own testimonial,  I  bought the Claiol nice n easy hair dye from the nearby Shopper Drug Mart which was on sale at the time at $6.99 (normally at $12.99). After I tried it, I immediately fell in love. 

There are so many colors to choose from. Because of my warm skin tone, I chose the light brown (No. 6) new and improved with the hair care formula package. It is so easy to apply and it moisturizes the hair every step. The color lasts for 2-3 months and covers all my gray hairs. 

One thing I like the most about the product is that it comes with a hair conditioner. It is enough to provide 2 applications. The conditioner leaves the hair shiny and not dry at all. Highly recommended. 

2. Liese bubble hair color 

I have been using the Liese Bubble hair color for sometime now. There are variety of choices for cool or warm skin tones. 

This is a permanent dye and the color lasts for 2-3 months. I love the thick foam application and they fully coat hair for even color turnout. It is fun to watch your hairs cover with bubbles and leave them on for 30-40 minutes. 

The hair dye leaves your hair smooth and has moist finishing. The ingredient Lanolin Acid protects hair from damaging. This is really my top pick as well. 

Liese Bubble Hair Color

3 Garnier Olia Ammonia Free Hair Color.

I love Garnier Olia hair color because it is Ammonia Free which is less damaging to my hair. This product uses an exclusive 60% oil blend with natural flower oils to achieve brilliant, radiant color results. I used it a few times before and I like the smell, and the products give you healthier hair that’s hydrated, silky, and shiner. 

Similar to the other two products above, it is so easy to apply. Mix the developer bottle and add Colorant together and shake well. Then, start applying at your roots and continue to apply section by section of your hair until all hairs are fully applied. Wait for 30 minutes, rinse well and apply the condition.  

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