Liftactiv Specialist Peptide-C Anti-Aging Ampoules

If you read my last post, you will know that this is part 2 of the series. In this post, I will share with you what I think about the new Vichy Liftactiv Specialist Peptide-C anti-aging Ampoules

For those who follow Korean skin care, you probably know that ampoule is a supercharged serum. It contains higher concentrations of active ingredients. Ampoules usually come in smaller bottles with droppers.  In fact, they act as skin booster for a finite amount of time or when we have a skin crisis of some sort.

If you are regular ampoules users, you know that there are many brands and anti-aging ampoules on the market. However, not all products have active ingredients that are truly having any impact on our skin. As per dermatol journal published, ingredients Retinoids, Vitamin C, Peptides and Hyaluronic Acid are effective. They are powerful to really improve the sign of aging and overall skin health. 

The new Vichy Liftactiv Specialist Peptide-C anti-aging ampoules contains 3 key anti-aging ingredients: 

1. Peptides

You’ve likely heard the buzz around peptides as an anti-aging must-have. Peptides can rebuild and repair damaged cells and signal skin to produce collagen, slowing the aging process.

2. Vitamin C

Like my previous posts, many researches showed that there are many health benefits of vitamin C including antioxidant, brightening, fading dark spots and protecting skins from damage sun UV exposure.

3. Hyaluronic Acid

It is like a sponge, the hyaluronic acid helps retain water, keep skin hydrated, smooth and pumped. 

How did I find this magical ampolue

I use ampoules before my skin care routine of applying essence or serum. There is a simple instruction showing how to open the bottle and keep it for 48 hours per use.  The box comes with 10 tubes. I used one tube once a month for 2 months now. After I used two tubes, I have noticed my skin has gotten smoother, brighter and pumped. I also noticed that my fine lines on my forehead and mouth area are slightly faded away. I will keep using the remaining tubes as a booster for a few more months for a more long-lasting effect and improvement to my overall skin health. 

If you like this booster Vichy Liftactiv Specialist Peptide-C anti-aging Ampoules. you may also want to check out my previous post on another new Vichy Liftactiv Collagen Specialist face cream.

I like to hear what you think about the post and please leave me comments after you try either or both Vichy products.

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