A New Learning Journey

Happy September and wish everyone a wonderful Labor Day Long weekend in Canada. For others, I hope you all have a nice weekend before school starts soon. September also signifies a beginning of new learning journey.

Learning makes one looks beautiful

Pandemic really resets everything and brings new perspectives. Having the right mindset helps us see new opportunities. Like myself, I have worked full-time in the office for almost 20 years. Since March 2020, I was very lucky to work from home. This has allowed me to reset and pursue my passion of sharing beauty and health tips with others.

Since then, I learned that many bloggers are very supportive and genuinely care of others. I really enjoy the opportunity of being a part of the blog community. This is definitely a steep learning curve but I am enjoying every moment!

Like many of you, I have been reading many other blogs to learn of others’ success and be a better writer.  In this post, I will share my learning journey as a new blogger.

Here are 5 blogs that I really like to read and follow.  Please leave feedback on other blogs you like to share in the comment box. Keep sharing, caring and learning together. 


Chocoviv is a mom blogger who shares what she loves. (Real-life stories!)

What I like about the blog:

  1. Insightful: the blog shares many resonating stories and topics that are helpful and insightful. The post on 5 Hygiene and Safety Tips on Cloth Face Mask – 2020 School Year is a Re-Blog of other post . It has useful tips for parents and students. 
  1. Authentic: Chiochovi shared her personal stories with her voices in these posts. I have followed her current and previous posts since I started my blog journey. I know she has won several blogger awards including inspirational and sunshine awards recently. 
  1. Diversity: her blog has a variety of topics that are very inspirational. I enjoyed the travel and book review posts. She supports other bloggers and has several re-blogs from others.

Dream to cook

A blog that provides lots of beautiful and inspirational recipes (hidden gems!)

What I like about the blog:

  1. Creativity: I am a food lover, however, when it comes to cooking, I am not very innovative. This blog provides tons of creative ideas for everyone to try.  One of the creative recipes I like is sourdough orange pancake.
  2. Beautiful photos: the blog has tons of attractive photos that are so inspirational.
  3. Simple and delicious: the blog has many simple instructions that are so easy to follow. I followed the Chinese mango pudding recipe and the mango pudding was so delicious.


A blog that share knowledge of category in education, health, mobiles and tourism (super blog-google!)

  1. Knowledge: the blog is very insightful and informative. I love to read the posts in this blog. I learned a lot of things such as the post on 13 Amazing Health Benefits of Ghee. 
  2. Uniqueness: I love the tourism category as it has special places that I have never heard of. The post has many stunning photos included. One of my flavor post is Top 16 Beautiful Tourist Places in Jaipur.
  3. Discussion: several methods of online payment during a pandemic period is another post I love. It is super informative. I learn a ton from this article. I started exploring options of online payment such as google wallet that cannot be hacked easily and has the capability to send payments as attachments through email. Worth a read!


A girl trying to voice her complex feelings trapped in her heart. (Powerful voice!) 

  1. Powerful quotes: I really enjoy reading every posts posted in this blog, especially the powerful quotes. They are inspirational and impactful. One of my flavour quotes are:

“Life is a matter of choices and every choice you make, Makes you!” ALBERT EINSTEIN on the Grades and Subject! 

  1. Relationship: many posts in the blog reflects Anjaliutters’ loves and  shows her authenticity. I love the post on the father-daughter trios which shows me so much loves in the family. 
  1. Viewpoints: It is amazing to share a lot of her viewpoints.  The post on Menstrual Hut and Chhaupadi is extremely engaging. I have never heard of this until I read this post. Thank you for sharing your voice – I look forward reading more and learning more. 

All things Karissa

A blog where Karissa chronicles her life and shares the things that bring her joy. All with a dash of humor and sarcasm. (Refreshing smile!)

  1. Humor: Karissa’s posts are very interesting which make me feel like I know her personally. I enjoy reading her monthly round-up Rose and Thorns.
  2. Interesting: I also likes many of the fitness posts that bring fresh idea of fitness. One of my flavor posts is “I TRIED AN AERIAL SILK ACROBATIC CLASS” and “I tried a yoga for a month”.
  3. Practical: there are many DIY posts that are so practical such as DIY: TIE-DYE MASKS.

Please leave feedback, your blogging experience or other suggested blogs in the comment box – I am still learning …

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