Moroccan Oil That Does Wonders For Your Hair

Is Hair Oil necessary?

The answer is “yes” but it depends on what kind of oils. 

As per scientific research, oils play a vital role in protecting hair from damage. Applying oil on a regular basis can improve the hair condition and make hair smooth and soft.  Hair oils help prevent hair breakage and avoid hair thinning.

So what kinds of oil are effective? 

Coconut oil has proven to be very effective to hydrate and protect hair from damage.  Please visit my previous post on “3 Proven Ways to Prevent Hair Loss“.

Moroccan oil has become very popular as a hair cosmetic main ingredient, referred as capable of keeping the hair moisturized and hydrophobic. The argan tree, an endemic tree in Morocco, is the most remarkable species in North Africa. It is due to its botanical and bioecologic interest as well as its social value. The oil is rich in tocopherols and polyphenols, powerful antioxidants.

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Moroccanoil Treatment Light 

I have used the Moroccan oil treatment for many years. This is a very high quality hair oil. After shampoo and conditioner, I apply a few drops evenly to the tail end of the hair. The oil is highly effective and a bottle of 200 ML will last for 6 to 9 months.   Recently I bought a Moroccan Treatment light oil for a bottle size of 200 ML for CDN $60.00. It was a super great buy.

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Sephora SIZE: 3.4 oz/ 100 mL CDN $50.00 (Free shipping)

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    1. Yes, it is pricy and thanks for the comment. The Moroccan oil is very effective. I used a few drops each time and 200ml will last about 6 months.

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