Moroccan Oil That Does Wonders For Your Hair Is Hair Oil necessary? The answer is “yes” but it depends on what kind of oils.  As per scientific research, oils play a vital role in protecting hair from damage. Applying oil on a regular basis can improve the hair condition and make hair smooth and soft.  Hair oils help prevent hair breakage and [...]

DIY Ginseng Herbal Tea for Tea Lovers

If you are a herbal tea lover, you must try the Asian (Korean, Chinese, far-eastern Siberia) DIY Ginseng herbal tea.  As per the science research, Asian ginseng could prevent inflammation and increase antioxidant capacity in cells which promote skin cell grow. It could also improve brain functions like memory, concentration and improve mood.   Ginseng tea [...]

What is attractive?

Guess which part of your face is most attractive?  Click here for survey of what people thinks about what is attractive. Researchers found that on average, people found eyes to be the most attractive, then hair and followed by lips and finally nose. Your eyes are your great opportunity when it comes to youthful and confidential [...]

Butterfly Pea Flower Tea That Heals Your Skin!

If you are a tea lover, you must try the Magic Potion Butterfly Pea Flower Tea from the DavidsTea. I went to Portland a couple of years ago and came across the butterfly pea flowers at the farmer market. The flowers were so eye-catching and beautiful. After came back to Toronto, I discovered this tea [...]

5 Face Masks That You Should Use Daily

Face Masks are becoming so popular and it is essential for daily healthy skin. There are many excellent masks on the market and depending on the area of your focus, you will need to look for products that have a high degree of concentrated ingredients.  As my previous post (click here), face masks are for [...]

Korean Skincare 10 Step Routine Leaves Your Face Shining

If you are familiar with Korean skincare, you may have heard about a 10-step facial routine which results in a Korean glass face. Yes, the Korean stars and models you admire in the movie.   A few months ago, I started looking into the 10-steps and whether they truly make your skin look like a Korean [...]