Staying at home during lock down limits the physical movements so much that there are high risks of weight gain from caving food at home all day. If you are looking for ways to lose some "COVID-Fat", you can check out this quick and easy DIY mint tea receipt for you. This DIY mint tea [...]

3 Anti-Aging Facial Oils You Need to Check Out.

CREATED BY REVISUALIZED.CA Having healthy skin gives a good impression and makes you confident. Keeping skin healthy is one of the smart investments in life that you won’t regret. It is even more important as we age as the production of collagen slows down which causes skins to become sagging, loose elastic and look dull [...]

3 Sunscreens You Must Try This Summer

Recently, I get asked a lot as whether we need to wear sunscreens indoor or when we are covered with a mask outdoors.  The answer to both questions is yes. When you are inside, you get ultraviolet (UV) exposure through windows. In addition, you get UV from indoor light, computer screen and cell phone. According [...]